About Us

Latrice Payen, Founder, and Seth Payen, Co-founders are a mother and son duo who enjoys encouraging and complimenting one another.

They have a strong belief to trust in God and to believe in their dreams. This duet is a family-oriented base business that loves helping people. Latrice and Seth began their creative journey in the base of their very own kitchen. Latrice and Seth are endlessly innovative with LEMONS. They work arduously to provide quality fruitful blends of lemonade using fruits, ginger, and turmeric. Latrice is elated to work with her smart and kind son Seth. Stay tuned for upcoming flavors.

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Flavor of the Month

Magnetic Mango

Panda's Lemonade

Magnetic Mango

A fresh taste of cold-pressed sweet delicious mangos mixed with lemonade.

 Panda’s Lemonade is not your ordinary lemonade. Panda’s Lemonade is refreshing and extremely addictive in a healthy way. People of all ages can drink Panda’s lemonade flavors.